The Mass Consumption of Ideas. Design and the Arts of Social Intercourse

KISD Konferenz: Grow | Degrow. Design zwischen Exzess und Kalkül
Köln International School of Design, 20. Mai 2015

If societies talk about progress and social welfare, design and innovation has become key factors of hope. As a matter of fact design has changed its initial position. Its not so long since we talked about shaping solutions, today we talk about the consumption of ideas as a fatal mechanism which concurrently perpetuates and degrades THE SYSTEM. If we rethink the preconditions of our discipline we have to consider this back-breaking fact. We shouldn’t ask how to design the world fair, sustainable and tangible. We should better discuss ways how to think design beyond pixillated ideas of total interaction or fictious perfection. The talk gives some basic directions how to reformulate the preconditions for a clever and regardful social intercourse beyond the normative.

Buurman, G. (2016). The mass consumption of ideas. Lecture.