An Academic Crowdfunding Platform for the Arts

‘Crowd Funding’ ist ein relativ neues Instrument der Ressourcen-Allokation. In einem Gruppenantrag der schweizerischen Designhochschulen skizziere ich die Leitlinien für den Aufbau einer ‘Crowd Funding Platform’ für den akademischen Markt.

Im Antrag heisst es: “The significance of a National Crowdfunding platform lies primarily in its potential to create a new relationship between researchers and the public by bringing ‘ordinary people’ into the academic research process, whilst also having the potential for developments in research and innovation at both European and international levels. Science Crowdfunding is an emerging strategy. Platform like ‘I am Scientist’. ‘Microryza’, ‘Sciflies’, ‘The Open Source Science Projekt’ or ‘PetriDish’ exemplifies. The open process of funding also corresponds well with the ‘science communication strategy’ from SNF . A platform for funding research in Art and Design also lends itself to a national and international coordinated infrastructure for connecting and collaborating with foreign arts institutions and industry.”

Crowdfunding for the Arts
Science Crowd Funding: USEED, Experiment