Workshop ‘The Scent of Information’

In meinem Vortrag ‘The Scent of Information’ am  Ludwig Boltzmann Institut der Kunstuniversität Linz spreche ich zum Thema Informationsvisualisierung in der Finanzindustrie und einen möglichen, missbräuchlichen Umgang mit Design. Weiter Gäste sind u.a. Lev Manovich, Boris Müller.

“This two-day expert meeting is dedicated to the discussion and comparison of new approaches to organize, analyze and visualize large bodies of archival information. Archives like the ars electronica archive present themselves as massive collections of heterogeneous and, in some ways, conflicting data organized in many different formats. In order to make sense of this information, traditional database structures and query interfaces are not sufficient.”

Abschlußbericht des Ludwig Boltzmann Institute (LBI-MKF | final report 2009)