Universität Leipzig: »Verteidigung« von Dr. Stephan Sachse

Am 17. Juli 2018 hat Stephan Sachse sein Doktorat an der Universität Leipzig mit sehr gutem Erfolg bestanden.

Titel: Customer-centric Service Management Conceptualization and Evaluation of Consumer-induced Service Composition

“This work hypothesizes that a paradigm-shift enables consumer-driven service composition. Thus, the concept of customer-centricity is applied to service management. By letting the consumer describe himself, respectively his distinct needs and requirements, a better customer value is achieved than by traditional product-centric approaches. Unlike existing product-centric configuration tools, customer-centric configurators do not elicit product parameters. Instead, they rely on a structured description of customers’ intentions and values captured in a domain specific customer model. Consequently, the concept applies to a more abstract level of service categories instead of specific product instances. […] The findings of this thesis form the basis of a new form of customer interaction and enable new business models.”

Erstprüfer: Prof. Dr. Rainer Alt
Zweiprüfer: Prof. Dr. Gerhard M. Buurman